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Free Online Courses

We are offering free online courses through Real Estate Law Series.  To sign up for an online course, select the class below, sign-up for an account (don’t worry you won’t be charged), and select the free course of your choice.  You can stop and start these courses a desired and view them for up to 90 days.

*Online courses are offered by Real Estate Law Series LLC.  You must create an account on to access the course. Real Estate Law Series is providing this service for free.

1 Minute Cyber Security University

We have also compiled seven videos to help familiarize you with cybersecurity issues.  We call this the 1 Minute University.  These short videos quickly explain important topics.  To view a video, simply click on the video you want to watch.

We encourage you to share this site and the information with colleagues!

Malware Awareness
Mobile Device Security
Password Security
Social Engineering Awareness
Social Media Security
Email Phishing Awareness
The courses and videos on this site are provided free of charge.
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